Play US Mega Millions Lotto Australia

US Mega Millions

US Mega Millions is one of the best known and most popular American lotteries, and now you can play online from Australia with Lottoland. Don’t miss out on the mega millions by betting on one of the world’s most lucrative lotteries, as two of the three highest ever lottery jackpots ever recorded were won by those playing US Mega Millions.

The highest ever Mega Millions jackpot in 2012 was an incredible $848 million, and now with Lottoland, you can play from Australia too, for as little as $5* per game. $1.50* extra gets you the tantalising Mega Millions ‘MegaPlier” option, where you can boost your potential winnings by a factor of up to five in every division except the huge jackpot. Mega Millions draws happen not once but twice per week – every Wednesday and Saturday at 3pm AEDT (1pm AEST) – so don’t miss out on minimum jackpots of around $19 million by buying a game at Lottoland today.

Playing US Mega Millions at Lottoland could not be easier – simply select five numbers (1-75) and of course the famous Megaball (1-15), and, if your numbers all come up, you can call yourself a multi-millionaire jackpot winner. But the odds of winning something are very high, with no less than nine divisions and prizes going even to those who only match the Megaball!

Play US Mega Millions Online

One of the world’s best known lotteries, and among America’s favourite and most lucrative, US Mega Millions can now be played online from Australia. With Lottoland, you can aim for those mega millions and play US Mega Millions online for just $5* per game, and keep putting yourself in the running for riches not once, but twice, every week.

Every Wednesday at 1pm AEST (3pm (AEDT) and Saturday as well at the same time, the US Mega Millions are drawn, and now players in Australia can play for American gold as well. US Mega Millions boasts some of the biggest lottery jackpots ever recorded, including the second-highest of all time that topped the charts at an amazing $848 million in 2012.

Taking that Mega Millions jackpot could not be easier, and involves simply picking six of your lucky numbers at Lottoland – five main numbers between 1-75, and the all-important Megaball between one and 15. Then stand back and the huge jackpots, including a Mega Millions minimum jackpot of at least $19 million (subject to exchange rates), will be all yours if your lucky numbers are drawn.

Even if you don’t win a jackpot, there are great odds of winning prizes thanks to the nine prize divisions – and even matching only the Megaball makes you a winner. If you’re feeling lucky, choose the Mega Millions ‘MegaPlier’ option for $1.50, to start multiplying your potential winnings by up to five times.

US Mega Millions vs US Powerball

Lottoland makes it possible for you to play the world’s two biggest lotteries right here in Australia. US Powerball is the world record holder for the biggest lottery jackpot in history, when an incredible $2.3 billion was won in January 2016. But US Mega Millions boasts the big bucks as well, with the second ever highest jackpot of $840 million being won in 2012.

Between them, Mega Millions and US Powerball share every single one of the top 15 biggest jackpots ever won in lottery history, and now you can play either or both of them online from Australia at Lottoland. Each game will cost you just $5*, if you play both Mega Millions and US Powerball, you can play up to four times a week, giving you the best possible chance of being the next lottery record holding jackpot winner.

When it comes to Mega Millions vs US Powerball, how do the world’s most lucrative lotteries stack up? Mega Millions is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday, with extremely good odds of 1:15 of winning a prize thanks to the nine prize divisions. And the lucky US Powerball numbers are drawn on Thursdays and Sundays, with slightly less impressive odds of 1:55. Either way, it’s always a good time to bet on the best and most lucrative lotteries in America and the world.

US Mega Millions Promotions

Lottoland doesn’t just want to give you the chance to play the world’s greatest lotteries, like the popular and exciting US Mega Millions online from Australia – Lottoland wants to give you discounts along the way as well!

Putting yourself in the running for potentially record-setting Mega Millions jackpots with Lottoland could not be easier – just buy a game for $5*, pick your lucky numbers, cross your fingers and then check the results at Lottoland and start counting your winnings. If you purchase a Mega Millions subscription at Lottoland and at least one game for both the Wednesday and Saturday draws, we’ll give you 15% off as well. It means that, instead of two great chances to win big at Mega Millions costing you $10 at Lottoland, it will only cost you $8.50* – and that’s something you can’t afford to miss.

For this and other US Mega Millions promotions, keep your eye on Lottoland, where playing America and the world’s most favourite and lucrative lotteries is not only easy but great value as well.

US Mega Millions Results

When you’re in the running for huge US Mega Millions lottery prizes and jackpots, you’ll want to know if your lucky numbers were drawn as soon as possible. So when you play America’s favourite lottery games online in Australia with Lottoland, you can get the US Mega Millions results immediately after the numbers are drawn.

Each and every week on Wednesday and Saturdays, the US Mega Millions draws take place and the results are posted straight away at Lottoland. And if you missed a previous draw, those results are at Lottoland too, as well as every single US Mega Millions draw since the lucrative and exciting lottery’s inception in 1996 – and that’s a convenience that every lottery player wants.

Playing US Mega Millions online at Lottoland is as easy as getting the results – just pick your five luckiest numbers from one to 75, and the all-important Megaball from one to 15. You can then find out if you matched all five or won a prize in one of nine prize divisions by checking the Mega Millions results – so play, win, enjoy and grab your results, all with Lottoland.

* Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.