Play Keno Online Australia

Play Keno Online Australia

If you enjoy Keno, you’ll love the Lottoland version. With opportunities to win $1 million every four minutes, our Keno provides exceptional entertainment. The first draw takes place at 14:34 AEST (16:34 AEDT) each day, with fifteen chances to win $1 million available each hour, right the way through until the last draw occurs at 07:54 AEST (09:54AEDT).

Every Keno game involves 20 numbers being picked out of a possible 70. To be in with a chance of a Keno Australia draws win, you’ll need to choose up to 10 numbers out of the 20 drawn to win the top prize. Even if you don’t scoop the top spot, there are still plenty of opportunities to win when you match 10 numbers or less. Some people can manage to obtain a prize without matching any numbers!

When you want to play Keno Australia, Lottoland provides everything you need. Ticket prices start at only $1*, although you can increase your payout by staking a higher amount. To win the $1 million jackpot, players need to match 10 numbers, having staked 10 times the minimum amount (so players need to stake $10 to be in with a chance of the maximum jackpot win).

You can play Keno anywhere you’ve got internet access – whether you choose to play on your computer or mobile phone, at Lottoland you can enjoy top quality Keno entertainment and play, seven days a week. Why not have a go and see how you get on?

Play Keno Online

Why bother going to your local club to play Keno, when you can enjoy all the benefits of the game from the comfort of your couch when you take part in Lottoland’s Keno? With Keno draws available from 14:34 AEST (16:34 AEDT) every four minutes until 07:54 AEST (09:54 AEDT), there’s almost always the opportunity to enjoy a Keno draw.

With a top prize of $1 million, Keno Lottoland gives you the chance to grab a great jackpot. Playing couldn’t be easier – 20 numbers out of a possible 70 are drawn for each game. You need to match 10 out of those 20 numbers at the maximum stake ($10*) to claim the $1 million jackpot. If you match less than 10, or have a stake less than the maximum (remember that game entry prices start at only $1*), it’s still possible to win prizes when you play Keno at Lottoland. When you play Keno online with us, you can even win without matching any numbers at all! If you want to be part of a Keno draw that gives you 15 chances to win $1 million every hour, we look forward to you joining us for Keno at Lottoland.

Keno Odds

The better the odds, the greater your chances of a win, so it’s good to know that Australia Keno odds here at Lottoland are some of the best in the world! Your chances of winning the jackpot when you take part in one of our Keno games is 1:2,147,181. With such high Keno odds, it’s little wonder a growing number of people are joining us for one of our games.

Held every four minutes between 14:34 AEST (16:34 AEDT) and 07:54 AEST (09:54 AEDT), there are 15 opportunities every hour to win that appealing $1 million jackpot. Even if you don’t win that jackpot prize, you can still win if you’ve selected eight numbers, even if you don’t match any of them! Similarly, if you pick 10 numbers, if five or more come up then you’re likely to gain a prize. You may even win something if none of your numbers match!

Our great Keno odds mean that your chances of a prize are 1:4 when you select just one number. At Lottoland we do our best to keep the odds high, maximising your chances of being one of our numerous lucky Keno winners.

How to Play Keno

When it comes to learning how to play Keno, you’ll find everything you need to know here at Lottoland. With 15 draws every hour between 14:34 AEST (16:34 AEDT) and 07:54 AEST (09:54 AEDT), players have the chance to win the top $1 million prize jackpot every four minutes.

For each of the Keno draws, 20 numbers are picked out of a possible 70. Players need to match 10 out of the 20 numbers to win the top prize. Prices start at just $1*, although for a chance at the jackpot you’ll need to purchase 10 numbers. When you play Keno with us, the higher your stake, the larger your prize will be should your lucky numbers come up – why not have a go and see how you get on?

Remember that, for each Keno online game you play, it’s possible to win, even if you haven’t matched any numbers at all, as long as you’ve purchased eight or more. Even if you haven’t played Keno before, our user-friendly site and clear instructions means that it won’t be long before you’ve got the hang of it – you never know, you might be that lucky $1 million jackpot winner!

Keno Win Strategies

Every player wants to know how to win at Keno, which is why we’ve laid out the combinations needed to win Keno prizes. The quantity of Keno numbers you select has a significant bearing on your winning chances – when you buy two numbers you need to match both of them to win, but you also only need to match two numbers to win when you buy three or four.

When you purchase five or six numbers, you need to match three or more to win, whereas a seven number entry requires a match of four or more to win. When you purchase eight numbers, you still need four to win, but you can also be in with a winning chance even if you didn’t match any chosen numbers at all! For players that purchase nine or ten numbers, you’ll need to have five or more of the chosen numbers on your ticket, but also have the opportunity to win without matching any at all.

Your ultimate winning amount is determined by your Keno stakes – players can spend anything between $1*and $10* on a stake – the higher your stake, the greater your prize should your lucky numbers come up.

Keno Results

Checking your Keno results is always an exciting part of the game. We make it quick and easy here at Lottoland, with the latest Keno results posted up on our site as soon as they’re drawn. If you’re interested in historic winning numbers, our database is packed with past draw results, so you can see which numbers have come up most frequently as well as how often the jackpot has been won. You can check all the KeNow numbers for the past 24-hours online, in addition to the latest Keno numbers.

With a draw every four minutes between 14:34 AEST (16:34 AEDT) and 07:54 AEST (09:54 AEDT), every player can benefit from 15 chances an hour to play for the $1 million jackpot prize. Twenty numbers are drawn each time – see if yours are amongst them by checking the latest Keno numbers with us. We always aim to bring you news of the winning numbers as quickly as possible. If you’ve entered any other lotteries, you can see if your numbers have come up at the same time, as we update our site regularly with all the latest results, bringing you the winning numbers as soon as they’re drawn.

* Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing. Prices are subject to change.