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There are many factors which might affect your choice of the best lotto game to play. You might like great rollover jackpots, or a wide division of the prize money. Maybe you prefer those with lower game prices, or better chances to win.

Whichever, here at Lottoland we have collected great games, not just from Australia, but across the world. As well as many lotteries from countries across Europe, there are also massive payers such as US Mega Millions, US PowerBall, UK Lotto and Euro Millions.

So, whatever’s important to you when playing the game, pay a visit to Lottoland now and we’re sure you’ll find plenty to suit you.

Austrian Lotto

With the Austrian Lotto available to play just $2* a game here at Lottoland, there’s no wonder more and more people are giving it a try. The draws take place on a twice weekly basis, every Wednesday at 6.48pm and then on Saturday slightly later at 7.15pm (CET).

The Austrian Lotto provides better jackpot winning possibilities at 1:8,145,060 compared to many others, and also pays out right across 8 prize divisions. You choose your 6 numbers between 1-45 and it’s a match-all situation to be a jackpot winner. As for that jackpot, their record payout was a handy €9.5m (approx $14m).

Try this Austrian Lotto jackpot game, and many others from across Europe, at Lottoland now.

Christmas Lotto

We really do wish you a Happy Christmas! To help with the gift buying, how about the legendary Spanish Christmas Lottery, the amazing El Gordo? You’d be able to afford a few treats if you won some of the 2016 mind blowing total prize fund of, ready for this, $3 billion!

The draw happens on 22nd December. To enter, you select a ticket number between 00000 and 99999. Then you decide how much of a share of that ticket you wish to buy; from 1% at $6.99* on right up to the entire ticket for $349.99*. So, join the El Gordo frenzy at Lottoland now.

Euro Jackpot Lottery

The Euro Jackpot draw is a highlight of each Friday night in Helsinki, with the draw taking place at 9pm (Eastern European Time). With jackpots that have climbed to €90m (approx $125m), Lottoland knew you’d want the chance to be part of the fun.

Players choose 5 numbers between 1 and 50, and two EuroNumbers (1 to 10). All seven match, you are a jackpot winner, with a minimum payout of €10m (around $14m) and odds for winning a prize set at 1:42.

Play a single Euro Jackpot game for only $3* – just one of so many great lottery options when you visit Lottoland.

Play French Lottery

The fabulous French Lotto is held thrice each week. That’s each and every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8.30pm CET. If a minimum jackpot of €2m (approx $3m) seems low, but still a terrific prize, the great news is that they grow very quickly because of the draw frequency. And the game provides an amazing 1:16 chance of winning a prize.

Here at Lottoland you can have an entry in a French Lotto game for $3*. You pick any 5 numbers from 1-49 and add just one lucky number in the range 1 to 10. Match them all, et voila, jackpot! See for yourself at Lottoland right now.

German Lotto & Keno

Many Lottoland users love the fact that Germany provides both daily and twice weekly games. German Lotto draws each Wednesday and Saturday; German Keno daily at 3.10 AEST.

With a record German lotto jackpot up there at around $70m or €45.3m, it’s an amazing chance to be able to play either game with us from just $1.50*. German Lotto is one of Europe’s favourites and is, not surprisingly, also one of the biggest games across Europe! Players opt for six numbers from 1 to 49 and all six matching means ein jackpot!

Irish Lotto

The Irish Lotto is a tremendously popular game in many places, including Australia. There’s probably a good reason for this – while they do ask you to select six numbers, as many do, their choice slate ranges just from 1 and 47. This brings in lower odds of winning their jackpot, and not many can beat the figure of 1:10,737,573.

The minimum Irish Lotto Jackpot you’d expect is €2m and that translates to around $3m here in Australia. The draws are on Wednesday and Saturday and one game is just $3.50*. Have a go at Lottoland now, and it may not just be Irish eyes that are smiling.

Polish Lotto

In Poland, their Lotto draws happen three times each week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Lottoland customers know them to be one of the most affordable games to play at a mere $1.25* for each single game. Their jackpots hit the millions of dollars on a regular basis. Matching six numbers from 49 choices would win it for you, and the jackpot chance is better than many others you might play at 1:13,933,816.

You don’t need to head across to Poland to play this great game, simply take the short trip on your connected device to Lottoland.

Swedish Lotto

We know that many people who visit our user friendly Lottoland site really enjoy playing the Swedish Lotto, which takes place each Wednesday and Saturday. Your odds of hitting the jackpot are very good, compared to other alternatives, at 1:6,724,520.

The record Swedish Lotto jackpot stands at 237m Kronor and that’s a very acceptable $40m or so. Playing this game at just $1.50*, an entry needs you to select 7 numbers between 1 and just 35. Swedish lotto provides half-a-dozen prize divisions. Give it a go right now with a quick visit to Lottoland.

* price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.

UK Lotto

Twice a week, each Wednesday and Saturday, Lottoland customers can be part of the great UK Lotto. With a healthy minimum jackpot of £2.5m (approx $4.7m) midweek, and £5m ($9.5m) at weekends, and just $4.50* to play, it’s an on-going favourite among the many choices we provide.

The current record UK Lotto jackpot payout stands at a hefty £66m (which comes out around $126m). Jackpots do often grow very quickly through a series of rollovers. If you haven’t had a punt at the UK Lotto yet, now’s a good time to try it out at Lottoland.

* price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.