Lotto & Powerball Results - Latest Winning Lottery Numbers

Latest Lotto & Powerball Results

Coaches will often state in interviews that their particular sport is ‘a results business’. This probably means they are under pressure from their fans or bosses! However, many other things can also be spoken of under the same title – and a lottery is certainly one of them.

Here at Lottoland, we appreciate that we are in a results provision business – especially in the many games where life-changing jackpot sums are offered. Of course, we also make it as quick and easy for you to actually enter those lottery draws as you would wish us to. With those huge jackpots possibly waiting to be won, you’ll want to have instant access to the very latest draw outcomes, whether you’re at work or home, or out enjoying yourself. Not that you can’t enjoy yourself at work or home, of course!

Our Lottoland team have always considered it to be a priority to ensure that, as soon as any of the many draws our customers can enter are both completed and confirmed, these results will then automatically be available on our welcoming website.

This service is available should you be playing any of the superb Australian games. But, we go further, because we also know that many of our customers both enter, and seek results from, the overseas lottery opportunities we provide. This allows you to play and check such favourites as EuroMillions or EuroJackpot, and the UK Lotto; and from North America, both US MegaMillions or US PowerBall. The results service we’ve created also delivers key information across all prize tiers, vital result breakdowns, and also past draw information often stretching back many years.

Visit Lottoland now and see how simple it is to both enter and then learn the draw results from so many wonderful lottery opportunities.

Australian Lotto & Powerball Results

Do you like to play on an almost daily basis with our country’s Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday Australian Lotto games? Or, simply choose the days to enter as the opportunities arise? Are you an eager participant in Keno, or enjoy the great opportunities to win big from Oz Lotto®, or Australian PowerBall®?

As you’d expect, our Lottoland team have worked hard to make sure that it’s easy for you to enter as you wish, wherever you happen to be, and at a convenient time, thanks to our terrific online accessibility.

However, this is only half the story. If you enter easily, you’ll expect finding the results to be just as simple an exercise. This is certainly true with Lottoland. All jackpot draw results are automatically posted on our website, just as soon as the draw process is completed. In fact, if you need to do so, you can even head back into the past, because we also retain thousands of previous results, and these can stretch back to the very start of a game being played.

We then add the prize breakdowns for all our Australian Lotto games and reveal the jackpot amounts. For this terrific play and check service, try Lottoland now…

*”Powerball” and Oz Lotto are Australian registered trademarks of Tatts. The use of the word “Powerball” and “Oz Lotto” is for informational and informative purposes only.

Keno Number Results

Keno has a long and rich history as a popular game. It is believed to have started in China – and even helped to finance the building of the Great Wall! It’s certainly part of Australian culture now, enjoyed and played regularly by so many people. With so many opportunities to play each day, we know at Lottoland that it’s important to make it as easy as possible to do so, wherever you happen to be; and also that the latest Keno draw results should equally be immediately accessible.

If you wish to play, you’ll know that there’s a chance to do so every four minutes from 2.34pm AEST or 4.34pm AEDT. This sequence of draws, 15 an hour, carries on through to the final one at 7.54am AEST or 9.54am AEDT. Each and every draw gives you the chance to become a dollar millionaire – which would probably change your plans for the rest of the day!

During each Keno draw, 20 numbers are drawn from the range of between one and 70. As you play, you can decide to select a maximum of 10 numbers, down to a minimum of just one. If you are ready to play, or check any Keno results from the last two days, just head to Lottoland now.

US Powerball Results

Imagine if this had happened to you in January of 2016. You check your US PowerBall entry and discover that all your numbers have come up. When you check out the jackpot level, you discover it’s a fairly respectable 2.3 billion dollars. That’s the world record – and would take a fair bit of spending!

This shows why US PowerBall is so popular. Awesome jackpot possibilities and an excellent nine prize divisions make it a legend, not just in its home country, but as far across the world as here in Australia. This is why it’s a key part of the selection of great lottery games we always offer to all our Lottoland customers. We also publish all the latest results, and also go way back to 1992, so you can see how popular US PowerBall has proved to be.

Want to play? It’s quick and easy to be part of the possibilities. Your choice of five numbers from between one and 66 is then added to by a single PowerBall between one and 20. Job done! The twice weekly US PowerBall draws are on Thursdays and Sundays at 11am AEST (1pm AEDT).

Ready to be in with a chance of winning? Then head to Lottoland right now.

Euro Millions Lotto Results

EuroMillions is a hugely popular draw, and you’ve probably already worked out where it’s based. Started in 2004, it now pays the biggest jackpots ever offered by a European based lottery – and you can even inspect every single draw result since the start on our Lottoland site.

To be part of the EuroMillions fun: with a draw occurring twice weekly, that’s each Tuesday and Friday evening, there are many chances to play this great game. The Paris based draw takes place at 9.30pm (CET) and it offers some stunning jackpots. Their record payout is a staggering $267m and it regularly reaches into the high multi-million dollar levels.

To play the game: select any five numbers from a range of one to 50. Add to this with two Lucky Stars selections, their range is from one to 11. If all seven of your choices are drawn, you’re a lucky EuroMillions jackpot winner! Do check all the latest results on our Lottoland site, there are a full 13 prize divisions in this always popular game.

So, if you are ready to join the EuroMillions community of players, both here at home and across that continent itself, head to Lottoland without delay.

US Mega Millions Lotto Results

Two words that go so well together – mega and millions! Never was this more true than with the legend that is the US Mega Millions lottery draw. Want some proof? Back in 2012, they paid out the second greatest lottery jackpot of all time. How would you have spent that cool $840 million dollars or so? Sadly, at least for our Lottoland team, you might not be entering each draw any more. Mind you, we Australians do always love the thrill of a punt, so who knows?

To be part of the possibilities with US Mega Millions: remember that their huge jackpot draws happen on both Wednesdays and Saturdays and are timed at 1pm AEST/3pm AEDT. Your entry is so easy to complete at Lottoland. You should first select any five numbers from one up to 75, and then make a final crucial choice of a single Megaball (1-15).

To check the latest Mega Millions results: the jackpot winner will need to have matched all seven of their numbers. There are nine terrific prize divisions across each Mega Millions draw. The seven winning numbers are posted automatically here at Lottoland, and you can even check them right back to 1996. See for yourself right now.