About Us

There are many ways that people across Australia like to take a punt or have a gamble. Punt Media Pty Ltd. who own and operate iPunt, are committed to making it as easy as possible to do so, whenever you want and wherever you are. This is why our website is full of all you need to know, and our app moves with you to keep you in touch with what’s available. This is true whether you are into footy or rugby league, union or soccer, cricket or top American sports. Then there are all these great eSports, plus so many lotteries where you can try to find your fortune!

What we’re not is just another betting company, nor do we even own a gambling licence. So, what is iPunt about? It’s about delivering a supreme betting interface, via computer, tablet or smartphone. The content offers the very best in betting tools, including huge favourites such as line pickers, and provides the comparison of odds that any proper punter expects. This is backed up by a stream of vital tips and stats, meaning you’re always well informed before you place a bet. Go to iPunt right now and see exactly what we mean.

To achieve all this, iPunt works with Australian corporate bookmakers and lottery betting companies, each one licensed out of the Northern Territory. You can rest assured that we only ever provide information about betting companies that operate within the Financial Transaction Records Act. These are licensed and regulated for the safety and protection of consumers. Of course, we comply with the Interactive Gambling Act and will not collect any personal data except where specified in the privacy policy.

About Problem Gambling

From that annual punt on your choice of Melbourne Cup winner to a lads’ night out at a casino, so many Australians like to gamble that it’s really a national pastime. This might see you enjoy being part of the lottery of your choice, or perhaps you take a few minutes to work the pokies in a bar or club. Other folk take time to weigh up the stats and assess the odds before deciding on their winning sports team choices.

All of the above activities should have one thing in common – they’re simply an entertaining part of your life. But our iPunt team know that gambling can develop into a serious concern. It’s been reported that around 500,000 people across Australia may already have a gambling problem or might be at risk of developing such a worrying condition.

If you’re worried this could be you, here are two important actions we’d ask you to think about:

1. Consider applying for a self-exclusion notice. This works by actually stopping betting companies from accepting any business from you. When applying, you choose the time period you feel it should be in place for. If necessary, when this expires, you can apply for another.

2. Take time to contact the Gambling Help Online facility. Here, you’ll quickly realise that any sense of isolation is misplaced, as you relate to the stories of others and benefit from the help available.

If your betting or gambling is a source of worry, please see gambling counselling now.